A Better Team.
A Better Culture.
A Better Balance Sheet.


Transform Teams

Givitas is a purpose-built, web-based SaaS platform that transforms teams by breaking down silos, encouraging generosity, and creating a safe place for employees to ask for the help they need to get their jobs done.

Build Culture

By providing equal access to the collective intelligence, knowledge, experience, and expertise of your team, Givitas reduces the stigma of asking for help and makes it easy to be a giver 5 minutes a day or less.

Improve Results

Generous teams outperform others in terms of employee and customer satisfaction, efficiency, retention, and overall business performance. Givitas provides the tools to improve collaboration, capture organizational memory, find answers, and solve problems.

Technology based on groundbreaking research from Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist and Wharton professor Adam Grant took the business world by storm with his bestselling book, Give and Take, which shares a simple but profound premise: generous people are more successful at work than selfish ones.

University of Michigan professor Wayne Baker has spent his career on research showing that a willingness and ability to ask for help is crucial to individual and team success.

These two powerhouses, along with renowned social science innovator Cheryl Baker, joined forces to create Givitas, a web-based technology platform that helps enterprises implement the principles from Grant and Baker’s research using a scalable, measurable, and manageable technology.


Givitas does not replace general-use collaboration platforms (e.g. Slack, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, etc.), but instead offers a purpose-built complement, with features, functionality, and integrations designed to build networks, improve culture, and boost efficiency.

Metrics and Analytics

Givitas provides metrics to help you better understand how your organization is sharing information, who’s connected to who, who’s giving and asking the most, and how all of that information is actually impacting your business.


We support measures like 2FA and SSO to ensure the safety of your data and protect your organization. Givitas offers a very light technology implementation and is appropriate for all teams, whether they are tech savvy or not.


“Givitas is an easy-to-use tool with an unbeatable ROI. The system more than achieves what is was created to do: facilitate engagement, collaboration, and knowledge sharing."

Kiran Chaudhri Lenz

“Givitas can make asking for and getting help from other employees simple — which can make your business a lot more efficient and effective.”

Inc. Magazine

Let’s empower your workforce to be a culture of productive generosity.